SOLID WITNESS’s primary focus is developing solutions to resolve specific security and safety concerns. We recommend global technologies and personnel known for their performance and reliability. We specialize in system design for monitoring activities, detect intrusion, armed intruders, retail attrition as well as other highly specialized surveillance applications.

Go2Blu Active Shoter Mitigation


Introducing the next generation in affordable Cloud based Emergency Alert Technology that leverages school computers, laptops and tablets. The Go²Blu Notify Cross-Platform Communications System uses Microsoft, Apple and Android computing devices to provide a robust infrastructure designed for Active Shooter Alert Management in a variety of installation environments.

Notify 2.0 reaches every classroom using a number of portable and desktop appliances

Winic Technologies products


Solid Witness offers is a full line of video surveillance components from a leading international security importer, operating in the United States. Our suppliers facilities offers a broad line of network servers and recorders, cameras, switches, cable, connectors, mounts and tools required for complete end to end integration and installation. With a factory authorized service center, we afford customers, full warranty in-house component repair service with rapid response.

CauZway Products


A major Boston Area Hospital looking to improve the speed of reporting a potential security threat location to in-hospital security personnel. Existing communications tied up the very people in need of assistance while trying to relay their emergency and location.

CauZway was initially deployed for ER use only. After realizing the vast improvement in speed and precision in getting help fast, Carney is now in process of expanding the wireless duress system to cover the entire hospital campus.

Video system design by Eco-tech


We are a proud supplier to a number of National Brands that rely on technology supplied by Eco Technology to ensure a safe and secure workplace amid the complexity of processing dangerous chemicals or monitoring large Blast Furnaces and Molten Metal Stamping and Forging equipment. These projects challenge our limits to select and deliver the very best solutions at the very best pricing.

Eco-Tech design


We offer a wide range NLWS Systems that provide long range communication which provide clear intelligible commands to deter or delay access to a protected site. Broadcasted warning instructions are followed by pulse waves to stun and disorient any human targets. Can be used in conjunction with visible NLWS elements such as laser dazzlers and high power strobe / searchlights. Other NLWS elements such as Electrical Shocking systems with built-in zone alarms can also be deployed on Walls or Fences to deny access to would be intruders.

Probe Systems Radar


Consulting, design and delivery of complex solutions required to work in military Installations around the world. These projects by their very nature are extremely complex national interest sites that require multiple levels of redundancy to ensure the system remains operational under any given scenario. 


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