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Who We Are

Solid Witness is a recognized leader in security and surveillance system design, consultation and support services worldwide.

With the proven experience and reputation to deliver best solutions for the world’s most demanding venues, our experts provide comprehensive technical system planning and implementation services that cover every detail.


We also offer the training and support services for your staff on new systems technologies and operations. Solid Witness consultants develop policies and procedures, assure compliance, establish emergency plans, and create specialized programs for all levels of system integration.


Experts in Security and Surveillance

Solid Witness provides integrators and A&Es real world solutions to complex technical problems. Our services are designed to add value to your projects, optimizing the effects of your final deliveries.

Solid Witness’ expertise includes surveillance, security and alarm systems design, along with specification and construction administration services.

Solid Witness’ experienced professionals are located around the world and can assist clients in developing innovative solutions using state-of- the-art technologies and techniques. Continuing support services include operations consulting, training, and all aspects of advanced integrated security systems.

Solid Witness brings to its projects extensive experience, in both operational as well as service-oriented capacities. Our collective knowledge offers a realistic view of the design process, from the operator's viewpoint, with solutions that achieve the highest levels of performance and functionality within specified budget parameters.